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Proudly serving ready mix concrete to Southern Alberta for over sixty years, Reg O’Sullivan Construction was recently sold to Jerrod Mulder, Nick Tillsley, and Pete Bloemert.


The newly managed O’Sullivan’s Concrete strives to carry on with the quality of their product as the O’Sullivan family shares their lifetime of knowledge in the concrete industry.

Reg O’Sullivan Construction Ltd has been around for over sixty years, Reg worked day and night to establish a name. This was no easy task as concrete work was done via hand mixing and wheeling in these days.


The Concrete industry has seen many changes, but this company has stood the test of time. This is due to a combination of excellent quality, service, respect and loyalty.


Reg O’Sullivan Construction chose to upgrade when they built a ready mix plant in their home town of Fort Macleod in 1977 and again when they built another plant in Pincher Creek in 1986. Reg, Jean and their family poured their blood, sweat and tears into this company and with the help of employees have established a very reputable business and expertise in the trade.

Operating in the ready mix concrete industry for over 45 years, we have supplied concrete for residential, commercial and government projects. We are proud to have the equipment and staff to supply products for a wide range of projects, from basic pours such as basements and drive way pads, to more complex pours such as bridges, windmill bases and commercial buildings.


We have also been involved in advanced projects such as the Old Man River Aqua/Viaduct, the 14,000 m3 Alta-link transmission line and the World Heritage Site, Head Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Interpretive Centre, which we were awarded a second American Concrete Institute Award of Excellence for in 1988.


This company and this family and its employees have been an integral part of southern Alberta’s construction industry since 1977 and we will continue to strive for greatness and are constantly looking for innovative and new projects to work on.

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